Fine Art Friday–Waves of Sand and Sky–Michigan

Two summers ago, I had the pleasure of attending my friend Craig’s gorgeous wedding on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Take a Vermont wedding (red barn, white fences, open field–fitting for two Middlebury grads), then add a twist of lakeside rustic chic (mason jar favors, chalkboard menus, burlap tablecloths), and you’ve got this memorable gathering.  I’m a sucker for details and because the bride is a painter, this wedding went above and beyond with creativity!  I literally couldn’t put my camera down.

The morning of the wedding, my husband and I visited the amazing Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  I’ve seen plenty of dunes on the Cape and Nantucket, but this place begs an entirely new definition of the idea.  It’s hard to portray the sheer scale in photographs, but the small white spot above is a person hiking up a dune.  I loved the undulating landscape that creates a powerful, wavelike mix of sand and sky.  The entire area is gorgeous, including historic Fishtown, home of the Village Cheese Shanty‘s famous Pretzel Bread Sandwich and the greatest lunch deal that this New Yorker has ever seen. If anyone finds themselves in this part of the world, these spots are a must visit.  If you don’t ever find yourself here, you’re missing out on a national treasure!  Happy Friday!

Dune Walk, Lake Michigan, 2010

Flowers Make Me Swoon- New York, NY

Though April showers persist, May has arrived!  I thought I’d post these virtual flowers from a few gorgeous weddings and rehearsal dinners to serve as a bright spot on this rainy day…or a little wedding flower inspiration to those of you in planning mode. I chose these four images for their bold pops of color and creative presentation.  I am pretty obsessed with flowers and can credit my dad with showing me at a young age how to plant the perfect row of impatiens or properly stake a tomato plant.  There is nothing that makes me happier than picking up a fresh bouquet, or placing single buds around the apartment, or just wandering around my local flower shop to see what has just arrived.  In graduate school, I worked on weekends as an assistant to a Boston wedding florist who made the most elegant, crisp, modern arrangements, and made me realize that good florists are true artists.

Though a city dweller, I maintain a healthy window garden of flowers and herbs from May-October.  My husband cringes every year during planting time (this weekend?) as I take over our living room and get soil all over the new hardwood floors, but it’s so worth it!  I don’t have enough room to plant peonies (my all-time favorite which I had in my wedding bouquet), but these beauties usually appear outside of NYC bodegas for just two weeks a year.  Yesterday, I turned onto Amsterdam Avenue and was thrilled to spot some!  Placing one shade of peonies in a simple tall vase can be dramatic and striking (lower left image).

If you are looking for some inspiration for your big day, you can search by color on The Knot , or subscribe to a florist newsletter for the latest trends and styles.  My own wedding florist (love!), Michael at Flowers on Chestnut, has some great ideas on their website as well as a newsletter that you can sign up for.  Happy May!

Fine Art Friday–Frying Pan, New York, NY

I’ve always been drawn to photographing texture, light, and shadow.  I particularly love the grittiness of weathered, peeling objects, from boats to barns and building facades. Today’s diptych comes from a “inspiration shoot” that I did with an old photography friend from Montana.  We try to meet up (though not enough) in NYC to shoot whatever catches our eye and have fun with our cameras.  These images are details from a dock and lightship, The Frying Pan, on the Hudson River.  An awesome spot to grab a beer on a nice day (listed in New York Magazine as “the ultimate dive bar”), the ship also has a storied past.  At one point, it spent 3 years underwater in the Chesapeake Bay before it was raised, salvaged, and moved to its present location at Pier 66.  You can wander around the interior of the boat, though a bit creepy, which still has many of the barnacles from her time underwater.  If you are in NYC, it’s definitely worth a look and a frosty spring/summer beverage.  Happy Friday!

Rowboat on Dock (L),  Frying Pan Interior (R), New York, NY, 2009

Suzie - April 27, 2012 - 4:41 pm

i remember that day! nothing like some rusty old weathered things to spark your creativity!

Eleanor–Riverside Park, New York, NY

The cherry blossoms in Riverside Park are stunning…and fleeting.  They change as fast as the kids that I photograph!  Since this portrait session two weeks ago, the vibrant trees are already back to their regular selves.  Luckily we were able to capture Eleanor and her mom among the gorgeous blooms at their peak.  Eleanor, part of Team Redhead,  just celebrated her first birthday…Happy Birthday E! I can’t wait to keep photographing you as you grow and change.

Getting Creative with Family Portraits

It’s always great to check out other photographer’s blogs or websites for inspiration and ideas that I can use in my own practice.  I recently saw a link to these family portraits on Facebook and I couldn’t stop looking at the photos!  It gives me inspiration to let my creativity flow and force my daughter to be my muse.  OK, she may be more helpful once she can stand up on her own, but then I’m putting her to work!  This Bay Area photographer, Jason Lee, uses the power of portraiture as a way for his two daughters to stay in touch with their ill grandmother. Apparently his girls help him come up with the wacky ideas for these unique and witty family portraits and have a blast doing so!  I love them all, but really adore the bubble bath and sledding photos.  Take a look, I promise you will love them.