Double Trouble! Cormac and Reece, Blairstown, NJ

I first “visited” C and R in early August while their mom, a serious trooper, was on bed rest.  Not long after, the identical boys made their much anticipated debut on August 23rd, the day of the East coast earthquake!  I guess they couldn’t contain their excitement at such a bizarre weather phenomenon, arriving well before their October 12th due date. There were some ups and downs during the fall, but now the boys are home together and thriving. Cormac and Reece live on a beautiful prep school campus, which someday soon will be theirs to roam and conquer. Having lived and worked at a boarding school in my past life, I can remember how much excitement new faculty children bring to the students on campus- and these guys get this love x 2!The Eckert boys were my first experience photographing twins.  From the moment I picked up my camera, stood on a chair and towered over their pack’n play, they seemed genuinely interested in what this crazy lady above their heads was doing.  Window light was at a minimum since it was torrentially raining, but the twins were very cooperative as we schlepped them all over the apartment.  Their dog, Jambo, stared longingly from the covered porch while we worked.   I’ll admit that it was twice as hard to get the perfect shot with both boys awake, looking at the camera, eyes open, Mac’s arm not blocking Reece’s face, etc!  (Check out the triptych below for one great sequence.) But it was also twice as fun to witness and record their interactions with each other.  Their dad (who writes an awesome blog about C and R’s adventures) stopped off between teaching classes and I witnessed the impressive double parent bottle feeding routine, and captured a few photos of the whole clan.  Check out Mike’s post (from Jambo’s eyes) about our photo shoot. Happily, we succeeded in getting a great shot for their Christmas card/birth announcement.

I also had a blast documenting their nursery.  Their mom is the most creative person that I know-each boy has a gorgeous custom quilt handmade by her- so it was no surprise to see greens, grays, whites, and blues come together to a form a clean, happy, modern space that felt minimalist yet warm. I loved how their cribs were placed (see below) and how the large map decal reflects their parents, who are true world travelers. The two handcrafted rocking horses, complete with hockey stick legs, are the incredible work of our high school coach, Bruno.  My daughter is lucky enough to have one too! I also adored their elephant mobile so much that I ordered one for Callahan’s room.  Gotta love Etsy. Reece and Mac, it was such a pleasure to visit and photograph you and I can’t wait to watch you grow. Heather and Mike, keep up the good work!

Andrea M - February 6, 2012 - 2:59 pm

So adorable! I love how the room turned out. It is so fun seeing my mobiles in nursery pictures. Great pics!

Baby Callum-Washington, D.C.

Happy New Year!  It’s time to catch up on blogging about a few recent portrait sessions.  In early December, my family traveled to D.C. to meet the adorable new (then 5 weeks old) Callum James, who was born on Halloween.  Their Cal met our Cal and it was a ball. Baby Cal lives down a quaint little historic alley (or “walk” as it’s officially titled) in Georgetown.  I loved the architecture so of course I snapped a few exterior shots of their gorgeous brick row house, rumored to be a former workshop of Alexander Graham Bell, to set the scene.  Cal’s parents, Matt and Brooke, are good friends of ours (Matt was the best man at our wedding) and it’s crazy to see how much has changed since I took a few engagement portraits of them in July 2010, then attended their rustic chic wedding in Sundance, Utah, and joined them in the world of parenting in 2011!

I was lucky to photograph Cal over two days, taking advantage of natural window light for most of the sessions.  I just love the photos where he is gazing adoringly at his parents and so relaxed in his mom’s arms.  Callum, his rock star parents, and Abigail–Cal’s 4 legged sibling–were quite cooperative!  I also had fun photographing a very special outfit personalized for Cal from daddy’s boss at the White House…check it out below.  Matt, Brooke, and Cal, thanks for being such wonderful (and gorgeous) subjects.  I loved the photos that you chose for your Christmas card and I’m certain Cal rang in his 2 month birthday on New Year’s Eve with great fanfare!


Sandy flavin - January 8, 2012 - 10:26 pm

The pictures are beautiful Sarah. Very Impressed- also very impressed that Callie has an arm.

» Sarah Greig Photography - March 8, 2012 - 10:47 pm

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Putting Darkness in a Whole New Light

This time of year, winter afternoons can seem long and cold…often only punctuated by the holidays lights and the warm glow of windows.  I stumbled across the NY Times photography blog yesterday, Black and White and Black all Over,  and loved many of their archival images.  There is even a photo (#9) of my street in 1959!  Though many photographers can’t wait to gain back late spring and early summer light, this gives us all inspiration to see the magic of the dark (and to bust out our dusty tripods.)  When I lived in Paris, I spent many evenings photographing the city after dark.  I returned to Paris for New Year’s Eve three years ago, and captured these night shots- a streetscape complete with lit chandeliers for the holidays, and an ever present muse-the Louvre aglow at night (center and right images).

It’s tough to choose a favorite in the NY Times blog, as I’m torn between the Paris and New York images.  I finally settled on a stateside image- the last one (#17, 1972), the classic window view of the Brooklyn Bridge…with an evening twist.  What is your favorite image in the slideshow and why?

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Holiday Cards and Displays

My apologies for the radio silence- the craze of making holiday lab deadlines for albums, cards, and prints, along with teaching, an office move and a December cold have kept me up in the wee hours and away from my blog!  As I write, the twinkle of lights from our first Christmas tree (see photo) since 2007 are reflecting into my computer screen. The holiday cards are pouring into our mailbox and I love to see all of the lovely photos and designs. Hearing from friends in MI, CA, IL, ME, and all over New England makes me wish everyone would send cards more than once a year.  Check out my old blog post on holiday card trends and suggestions for cards- it’s not too late to create and send a New Year’s Card.  It’s hip to be behind schedule- New Year’s cards are in!  If you’re looking for a beautiful way to display all of that love from near and far, I like to punch a hole in the top corner of a card, and string a nice grosgrain ribbon through them, then hang the string along a blank wall.  You can also put an ornament hook through the hole and hang that from the ribbon.  Check out a great Better Homes & Gardens article for even more display ideas.  Happy Christmas week everyone!

Charlotte-Washington, D.C.

I had the pleasure of photographing Charlotte (Charlie) and her parents a few weekends ago.  Her mom is an old friend from college and it’s fun that we both have daughters so close in age.  Our girls enjoyed seeing each other again- Charlotte would excitedly shout “Hiiiii BABY!” and Callie would clap her hands. Their family just moved into a new house after a massive renovation and it was great to see them settled in their beautiful (and holiday festive) home! Charlotte turned one in August and is walking all over the place and talking up a storm.  We found some great natural light by their big picture window and though we didn’t coerce too many smiles during our mission for a Christmas photo, I love some of the images I captured.  Those eyelashes, wow! We also snapped a few of the whole family on their front porch- since Charlotte wanted to be on the move, we just let her walk toward the camera, resulting in some fun candids.  Meg, Patrick,Charlotte (and Winston), it was so wonderful to see you and congrats on the new home! And thanks for the inspiration we needed to buy our first tree in 5 years for Callahan’s first Christmas-they really do light up a room.