Fine Art Friday

Today I’m heading to Florida for a little R & R, and thought it appropriate to post a tropical image.  Though it was 70 degrees yesterday in NYC, I’m still looking forward to getting away.  This image was shot on a deserted beach in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica exactly three years ago.  Much to my husband’s chagrin, during gorgeous sunsets like this I’m usually racing around with my camera rather than sipping a cocktail with him and taking it all in.  I take shot after shot, playing with camera movement, angles, and a slow shutter speed to create this soft, dreamlike quality to the waves.  Some other images in this series have more abstract patterns of streaky color and light-perhaps you’ll see them on another Friday.  Have a great weekend!

Photo: Sunset at Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, 2009

[…] week, I continued working on my series of dream-like beach images.   I love the ribbon of the white wave and the graceful line it forms.  If we had the power to slow […]