Fine Art Friday–Under African Skies, South Africa

Cue up the Paul Simon…today’s image continues with last week’s themes–travel and tranquility.  I had fun playing with the composition of this photograph, which was taken during one of those wonderful moments where the sun sets just as the moon rises (also wonderful because we were stopped for “sundowners,” aka sunset cocktails!)  Just before our game drive raced in for the night, I held my breath to steady the camera as the light faded.  I can still feel the heightened sense of fear and vulnerability as darkness fell in the wild– you huddle a little closer to the inside of the truck and jump a bit at distant lion roars, bird calls, and rustling grass.

Photo: Moonrise, Sabi Sand Reserve, South Africa, 2010.

Georgina Cullman - March 16, 2012 - 4:36 pm

love this one Sarah! It really captures the stillness that can happen when you surrounded by nature. Thanks for sharing!

Graceful on Gracie- New York, NY

The other day I photographed these amazing doors for Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts’ Annual Awards.  I love photographing details, and the elephants, gazelles, and swirling plant forms on this 1929 building did not disappoint. As seen above, each intricate metal circle contains a different shape, design, or carving.  Check out this recent New York Times article on the history of the doors.

When I’m not behind my camera, I spend the much of my time teaching architectural education programs to 1st-5th graders at this fabulous non-profit. Each year, our office honors several outstanding preservation projects. This year’s impressive roster of six awardees includes the restoration of these Art Deco doors located at 7 Gracie Square (overlooking beautiful Carl Schurz Park and a stone’s throw from Gracie Mansion) as well as a Transformation Award for a fantastic new use of space at the Frick Collection.

The Annual Awards take place tonight at the New York School of Interior Design, 170 East 70th Street at 6pm.  If you are in NYC, check out the gorgeous slideshow presentation MC’ed by board member, architect, and author Hermes Mallea and discover more about these thoughtful projects.  Have a great Wednesday!

Fine Art Friday

Today I’m heading to Florida for a little R & R, and thought it appropriate to post a tropical image.  Though it was 70 degrees yesterday in NYC, I’m still looking forward to getting away.  This image was shot on a deserted beach in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica exactly three years ago.  Much to my husband’s chagrin, during gorgeous sunsets like this I’m usually racing around with my camera rather than sipping a cocktail with him and taking it all in.  I take shot after shot, playing with camera movement, angles, and a slow shutter speed to create this soft, dreamlike quality to the waves.  Some other images in this series have more abstract patterns of streaky color and light-perhaps you’ll see them on another Friday.  Have a great weekend!

Photo: Sunset at Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, 2009

[…] week, I continued working on my series of dream-like beach images.   I love the ribbon of the white wave and the graceful line it forms.  If we had the power to slow […]

Recent News

Yesterday, ABC and Yahoo! News featured a story about one of my recent family portrait subjects, Matt Flavin.  Matt is an inspirational veteran who has worked tirelessly over the last several years to create a better experience and transition back to civilian life for our returning veterans and wounded soldiers.  Take a minute to check it out.  It really made me think again about the sacrifices that so many of these “1%” are making for our country.  I’m happy that the above photo of his beautiful family made the cut!  Way to go Matt.

Fine Art Friday

Geometric.  Simple.  Elegant.  I often think this would look great as a few large prints rotated in different directions and hung together.  Today’s photo is a detail shot from inside one of my all time favorite places in the world…well, can you guess what it is?

-the 112 year old building is a wonderful example of adaptive reuse and overlooks a famous river
-I had just finished a delicious croissant before I took the photo

Take a guess by leaving a comment.   Winner will be named later today!
Where is it?  What is this a detail of?

EVENING UPDATE: Thanks for your guesses- clearly my croissant clue steered everyone to France and they were right! Congrats to Tara, Andrew, and Margaret for correctly guessing the location.  And thanks for the creative guesses as to what it is.  It’s a detail of one of the clocks at the Musée D’Orsay in Paris, which overlooks the Seine.  Housed in an old train station, this museum exhibits art from 1848-1914, including one of my faves by Henri Toulouse Lautrec.  In college, I had a class that met here every week- it was heaven.  One clock is visible in a casual cafe in the museum mezzanine.  Check out an exterior view of the clocks.  It’s a must see if visiting Paris, and a great reminder that abstraction is all around us.  Happy Weekend!

Tara Kelly - March 2, 2012 - 11:13 am

Musee d’Orsay?

Tom - March 2, 2012 - 11:19 am

Eiffel tower? detail is of one of the gears of the elevator?

Margaret - March 2, 2012 - 11:49 am

Tour Eiffel or something inside Musee d’orsay? Or new structure at Louvre?

Andrew - March 2, 2012 - 12:15 pm

Musée d’Orsay. 100% confidence.

betsy - March 2, 2012 - 12:18 pm

i’m guessing its a ship’s wheel, on nantucket?

betsy - March 2, 2012 - 12:21 pm

i suppose i should have read the hints … maybe its a boat museum?!

favorite aunts - March 2, 2012 - 2:38 pm

Eiffel Tower we think. Love your blog, especially that baby James.

Candy - March 2, 2012 - 3:01 pm

How about ceiling of the palais royale?