Fine Art Friday- Take One

Today is my birthday, and the birth of a brand new weekly event!  I’m happy to announce that every Friday, I will be posting a “Fine Art” image to brighten your Friday.   I put Fine Art in quotes because the idea of photographs being Fine Art (note the capital F and A!) is an ongoing discussion in every photography school, as well as in the greater art history and museum worlds.  What constitutes such a label?  Scholars have written intense and lengthy dissertations on such matters.  To me, the Friday post is just a fun way to put some of my more artsy or abstract work out there, and gives me an excellent excuse to dust off my old slides and get scanning.  That’s right, I used to shoot slide film.   Yep, f-i-l-m.  Sometimes I really miss it. This image was shot with Tri-X black and white film, and I love that the grainy quality is only intensified by the ghosted trees across the water.  All Fine Art photographs are available as large prints for your home or office, feel free to contact me for details.

So stop by every Friday, feel free to comment or critique, and have a wonderful weekend!

Photo: Foggy Morning, Middlesex Dock, Concord, MA,  2005

Georgina Cullman - February 27, 2012 - 8:09 am

Gorgeous, ghostly photo, Sarah! love it!