Keeping Up- New York, NY

The field of photography is always changing.  Just when you’ve conquered Lightroom 3, they come out with 4.0…and so on.  So it’s important to keep learning, adjusting, and adding new skills.  This week I’ve been tuning in to a webinar, The Fundamentals of Photography, hosted by John Greengo and Creative Live.  It included 4 full days of classes that cover things I haven’t thought about in ages– depth of field charts, analyzing histograms, and so on.  It’s always good to brush up on basics and learn new techniques from other photographers.  The accessibility is also incredible- viewers sent live questions from all over the globe in real time.  Someone in Holland was watching in the middle of the night and sending in questions!  The videos can be streamed live on an i-pad or computer. Each evening, the videos and downloadable pdf’s of handouts for each different section are posted and available for purchase.  Pretty cool.  It only proves that you never stop learning.  I can’t wait to tune in over the coming months for tips on post-wedding workflow, lighting, and marketing!

Fine Art Friday- Spring, New York, NY

I’m not usually a huge fan of photographing flowers.  But walking around New York right now you can’t help but stare up and smile at these signs of spring.  I photographed this branch yesterday afternoon at the always gorgeous Riverside Park, where a stunning mix of pink, white, and purple trees frame meandering pathways.  Upon first glance I thought this image was too busy.  But then it started to grow on me- the different layers, the bend of the branches, the spring sky…I’m a sucker for the change of seasons.  Happy Friday!

Bursting Branch, Riverside Park, New York City, April 2012

Fine Art Friday- Color Me Happy, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Happy Friday!  We head VERY far south for today’s image…to Buenos Aires.  Commonly referred to as the Paris of South America, the gorgeous 19th century architecture, delicious food and wine, and charming locals make it a must see.  It’s tempting to spend an entire trip in Buenos Aires, but the Argentine landscape is as stunning and diverse as the U.S.– it’s a short flight from funky BA to beautiful Mendoza vineyards, deep blue Patagonia glaciers, and stark desert.

If you’re not yet aware, I love to photograph buildings.  I drive my husband nuts when we travel because I’m always lagging about 400 paces behind him, framing some random bench and wall that have piqued my interest.  Or I’ve framed out the photo that I want and I patiently wait until the image is void of people.  I love the texture and grit of this photo–I could have removed the garbage, but chose to leave it as it is quite common in this La Boca neighborhood.

What is your favorite city to photograph? Why? Don’t be shy…chime in!

La Boca Bench, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2008

Kathy - March 30, 2012 - 12:28 pm

I recognized the brilliant colors of Boca immediately, and it brought back fond memories of an afternoon drinking beer in an outdoor cafe in Boca and making Courtney dance with the tango dancer on stage. Remind me to show you those photos sometime – she’ll be mortified. BA and Argentina as a whole are a wonderful place to visit. Thanks for bringing back memories of that trip!

JORJ - April 1, 2012 - 10:29 am

I love photographing Paris! Love this photo!

R & R- Naples and Captiva Island, Florida

I’m finally catching up on some uploading and editing, and wanted to post a few pics from our recent trip to Florida.  Though I dreaded flying with our 1 year old, she was a champ.  During our week in the Naples area, we attended a rainy Red Sox spring training game at the new Jet Blue Park aka Fenway South, savored sunset mojitos at the very cute Sand Bar, and enjoyed live Irish music at two local pubs!  Recap: Red Sox, cocktails, Irish music=a few of my favorite things.  The sun was warm, the drinks were frozen, and a good time was had by all.

Here are a few snaps from the trip: the stunning colors of the sea and sky at Captiva Island, my daughter discovering shells and checking out the gentle waves of the Gulf, and my family catching the last rays of the day as they wave at a passing boat.  I also took a vacation from my big cameras- these were shot with our little Canon point and shoot.

Fine Art Friday- Callahan, 1-12, New York, NY

FAF today is in honor of my daughter who is celebrating her first birthday. She changed our lives (and my sleep patterns!) forever at 5:18pm on March 23, 2011.  Each month on the 23rd I take a photo in her adorable monthiverseries (a wonderful gift from the lovely Alexis Boehmler).  While some shoots are more successful than others, it’s still fun to see the differences month by month.  As she has matured, having her sit still for a photo is a challenge…in the 11 month photo she was miserably sick, and in today’s shoot, she only wanted to climb over the couch, so I went with it!  It’s great reminder of the power of photography as a tool to document a growing personality and the fleeting moments in year one of life.  Happy Friday!

Above: Callahan and Dad, 3 days old.  Below: Callahan 1-12 months

Mary - March 23, 2012 - 10:42 am

Happy 1st Birhtday Callie!!!! with the exception of James Brandt you are the cutest baby ever! Love the month anniversary t-shirts. Love Aunt Mary

John - March 23, 2012 - 10:48 am

I can’t believe you made it to month 12 without a stain on that white couch.

Who makes the onesies?

So Cute, John

grandy - March 23, 2012 - 2:23 pm

I, Grandy Greig, would like everyone out in the blog world and beyond to know that our granddaughter, Callahan margaret, is the most beautiful baby in the world. We wish her a wonderful birthday with family and friends. Love, Grandy

Georgina Cullman - March 25, 2012 - 4:43 pm

love it!

Happy birthday Callie!

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