Real Men Wear Bjorns–New York, NY

Happy Father’s Day to my dad (celebrating his 38th), my brothers (their 6th), and all of the dads out there.  But especially to my husband, who is celebrating his 2nd Dad’s Day.  Before we had a baby, he claimed he would NEVER wear a Baby Bjorn carrier.  (“Those things look ridiculous!”)  My how things change.  Once he had a little gal to tote in it, he didn’t seem to mind.  He even wore it in our Christmas card photo last year!  It takes a real man to rock a baby Bjorn–I think it makes any dad manlier.  DEG, C and I thank you for your constant fatherly doting, evening bottles, break of dawn bottles, diaper Genie changes, binky finding, and of course your overall adorable admiration for our 14 month old.

Fine Art Friday–Summer Roads

Kids are eagerly counting down school days and the June calender is halfway gone.  It must be time to hit the road for summer adventures!  Today I’m heading to Virginia Beach to kick off a busy season of weddings, travel, and fun.  I can’t wait to see Tiffany and Patrick at their evening wedding, which they’ve planned as an elegant but low-key dinner party among friends and family at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.

I’m always drawn to photographing roads or pathways, maybe for their symbolism.  I took these photos during an early morning ramble on the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive in Michigan.  My husband and I squeezed in this short drive before an afternoon wedding near Lake Leelanau.  I swear, I do take photos in places other than Michigan.  But that weekend made my camera sing.  With the fog slowly lifting, a warm coffee and my trusty camera in hand, I was one happy lady.  Check out a behind-the-scenes shot below that proves it!


Where will your summer road take you?


 Michigan Pathways, 2010.

*Behind the scenes

[…] may remember how much I love photographing pathways and roads.  The time has arrived when many of us hit the road (or in my case, wait for a delayed flight out […]

Painting the Sky–New York, NY

Some New Yorkers can go overboard flaunting their shoes, handbags, and overall general wealth.  But here is something that is pretty sweet though it must have cost a fortune (more on that in the racked article).  Last month the city was abuzz about an over-the-top proposal, and today a few more details were released.  I hear a lot of lovely proposal stories from the couples that I work with, but this one may be in its own stratosphere.  Literally.  It was written in the sky, for anyone within 15 miles to see…”Christine Hall Will U Marry Me?”  From Instagram photos of the sky over Yankee Stadium to You Tube videos of clapping crowds in Central Park, the proposal hit the internet in a flurry.  Even Martha Stewart picked up the story, and it looks like the soon to be bride made a comment on their article.  One account says the couple was standing in one of my favorite spots, on top of Belvedere Castle in Central Park, though the video would counter that fact.  I’m just glad that she said yes!

Image credits: (L) Erin Furey, (R)

Good Things Come in Small Packages–New York, NY

I’ve always been a fan of Converse All Stars.  But mini Converse All Stars?  I’m not sure there could be anything classier for a 1 year old to wear.  These grass green gems arrived recently at our apartment in the most adorable teeny box, which I of course immediately photographed (all the while my daughter was grabbing for the box, the shoes and my lens!).  These reminded me of a detail shot that I took a few summers ago at a rustic Michigan wedding.  As the night raged on, I spotted an abandoned cocktail table with a camera, some half glasses of bubbly, and the ring bearer’s mini blue Converse.  You couldn’t have staged a better wedding still life!  I love how real images like these can tell the story of the evening.  Check it out below (and a snap of the ring bearers excitedly ringing the dinner bell before kicking off their blue shoes!)

It’s always the little things that make a wedding personalized and special.  Sometimes even little shoes.