Revisiting the Past–Hartford, CT

I’m often reminded of the power of a family photograph, particularly its ability to freeze a moment in time, outlive its subjects, and be handed down through generations.  Today is my mom’s 65th birthday and we celebrated over the weekend with a big surprise party.  For a creative save the date, I scanned an old family photo (circa 1958) of mom with her five younger siblings, added some text in Photoshop, and sent it along to her brothers and sisters.  The flurried response of sarcastic emails that went back and forth was humorous to say the least…“I am pleased that you used the picture of the last time that Frank (top middle) smiled in a photograph.  Of course, the stylish jacket that my mother purchased for him may have made him feel unusually proud and content that day.  I do regret, however, that you have chosen a photo where I (bottom left) am desperately holding back a long pee as the photo session lingered on.”  As part of the surprise, my aunts and uncles took mom on a cocktail tour of their old haunts in the South End of Hartford, CT.  Fueled by liquid courage from The First and Last Tavern, they snooped around the driveway of their childhood home.  Much to their pleasure, the front door opened and the current owner (ready to call 911?) invited them in and let them check out their old rooms, thus crowning their perfect trip down memory lane.

To make a long story short, the party was a smashing success filled with family standards–excessively lengthy and loud toasts/roasts and step dancing to a live Irish band.  But it all started with a photo, which of course I forced them to reenact on the staircase.  I antiqued the final image above to match the original a bit more.  Old family photos should remind us all of the need to capture fleeting moments.  My grandparents, who did not have a lot of money for miscellaneous expenses, obviously recognized the value of photography and the importance of documenting their growing family.  So take their lead–don’t put off taking family portraits this year, and of course, choose me to help you record these memories:) Happy Birthday Mom!

Mary Farrell - May 22, 2012 - 5:24 pm

Sarah, priceless!! many thanks for saving our memories. And Happy Birthday Margaret. Aunt Mary

Fine Art Friday–Lavendaaaahhhhhh–Santa Rosa, CA

Sometimes I make old travel photos into my desktop wallpaper for the week.  My current wallpaper is an amazing Big Sur sunset that I shot last January. But don’t get me started on Big Sur, because I won’t stop.  Today’s Fine Art image successfully brings me back to a moment and place, and tugs at my soul (and my travel fever) that I’m not there.  This image conjures up for me: gorgeous late afternoon light, warm sun on my shoulders, a quiet breeze, and air infused with lavender.  We had just driven up and up along winding roads to a remote vineyard on a hilltop near Sonoma.  After our laid back sampling in the tasting room, we made our way out to these divine lavender fields.  Don’t you just want to be sitting on that bench?  Sigh.  Happy Friday–I hope your weekend travels take you somewhere memorable!

Lavender Field,  Santa Rosa, CA, 2010

Georgina - May 18, 2012 - 10:53 am

AAH indeed. may have to check out that winery when Chris and I go to Sonoma in July!

Muffin (wo)Man- New York, NY

I’m no food photographer, but lately I’ve been experimenting more with using prime (non-zoom) lenses, so last night as I baked, I played around with my 50mm 1.4 lens.   I try to make a lot of my daughter’s food, whether it’s homemade purees, meatballs, or black beans (her fave).  I never thought I’d be the parent who carefully reads labels, but you can’t believe some of the ingredients in baby food, or how much salt and sugar is actually in “adult” food that we may feed them.  I’m sure with my second or third kid I’ll be giving them canned veggies and McDonald’s, but while I have the time, I try to make as much food as I can!  Last night I tried banana mini muffins, a recipe from Annabel Karmel’s book, Starting Solids.  These muffins are delish–in addition to licking batter from the spoon, I ate 3 before they had even cooled!  And whoever invented the idea of using a melon scoop to portion out muffin and cookie batter (I’ve seen this on Barefoot Contessa) is a genius.  Since I was out of raisins, I used cranberries, which added a nice pop of color.  They were a hit with the little one too- she gobbled up 2 this morning and asked for more!  Happy Thursday.

suzie - May 20, 2012 - 4:01 pm

love these kitchen shots! i always have my camera handy when im in the kitchen.

Mama Love–New York, NY

Thank you to to all of the huggers, snugglers, nose wipers, chefs, nurses, tutors, multi-taskers, bedtime storytellers, and chauffeurs.  You are forever selfless, giving, dependable, and patient.  Special thanks to my mom for always nurturing my artistic side and encouraging me to follow my dreams; for spending years in freezing rinks (she hates being cold) and soaking sidelines to be my biggest cheerleader; for sacrificing to give me an amazing education, and for being the best role model and guiding me in my new journey as a mother.  Today I’m celebrating my second mother’s day.  Some days it’s not glamorous and most days it’s exhausting, but I hope I can inspire my daughter to become passionate, kind, loving, accepting, independent, and confident.  Here are some wonderful moms that I have had the pleasure of photographing over the last few years, and one of me and my little bald one (top image).  Happy Mom’s Day.  Take today to express your gratitude to these wonderful women that make our worlds go ’round.

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Fine Art Friday–Get a Little Closer–Costa Rica

I love finding pattern and texture in everyday objects and with the help of my macro lens, I can focus on the small details of this palm leaf.  I was drawn to the striking variation in color and pattern as the sections criss-crossed.  Happy Friday!

Palm Leaf, Costa Rica, 2009