What to Wear- Part 1- Engagement Photos

I saw a great blog post today on Green Wedding Shoes (a wonderful wedding blog that I follow) about what to wear for an engagement session.  I liked many of their suggestions and thought I’d repost it for my readers and brides-to-be.

My favorite highlights:
1) Whatever you wear, you should feel comfortable (look comfy=happy in your pics)…if you always rock your flip flops- wear them!  Have a favorite pair of jeans?  Great!  Want to be a little more formal? Wear a dress that you can still move easily in and is not too short to sit (on sand, a bench, etc) for photos.
2) Don’t be afraid to be bold–in color that is!  I love her yellow tank and bright red shirt featured on the blog.  The camera loves color…I’m not talking about a neon Hawaiian print, but some tasteful, bold color.  Check out this groom-to-be’s pop of red on his Lacoste belt- great choice!

A lowlight:
The advice on the nail art–you want these images to be timeless, so I’d stay away from trendy things like this and keep it classic.  Here are some photos from an engagement session where the couple was SO comfortable with each other that the images seem effortless. I also like the clever use of a Pinterest board (this one by Zofia Photography on Nantucket) to showcase some great ideas for couples preparing for their shoot.

Stayed tuned for what to wear for a portrait session–coming later this week!


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