Monthly Archives: July 2013

Sand, Salt, and Memory–New York, NY

I write this from my cluttered urban living room where too many projects in various stages sit in chaotic piles, while my air conditioner’s fan attempts to mask the fact that my apartment has no way to circulate the fresh breeze that sits just beyond my windowpane.  But last week I sat in a beach […]

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Old Fashioned Fun–Watch Hill, RI

When I was little, we visited my grandmother on Cape Cod every August. I have vivid memories of those trips, from soaking my entire body in a green pail at the end of every beach day to scarfing down double-stick popsicles before they melted, and begging every single day of our vacation to visit the […]

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The Week in Squares–Nantucket, MA

I just returned from a vacation to a place I hold dear…Nantucket.  It was foggy.  And then it was foggy some more.  Then it was so foggy that they canceled the Fourth of July fireworks. But fog can be romantic, right?  And they’ll always be fireworks next year.  We did eventually get two glorious days […]

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