Sunset Portraits at Quidnet, Nantucket, MA

Sometimes when I meet a new client with young children, they confess to me that they dread taking family photos because the photographer can’t keep their kids attention, the session seems to drag on, and what to dress everyone in is stressful. I smile because I know I can give them a better experience. My entire goal is to make it easier and less painful for them…and I aim to make it fun for all no matter how big the challenge. So many families walk away from our photo session both surprised and relieved that is was fun and their kids enjoyed it.

For this session in Quidnet, we kept it lively for three athletic boys. While they did some formally posed photos at the beginning (with the swoon worthy hydrangeas), we also spent time on their swing set, running on the beach, and digging in the sand. It was a gorgeous night–even after a few sprinkles, we lucked out with a beautiful sunset. I almost always try to get a portrait of the parents, who are never in photos themselves! As we ended, their mom said “wow, that was sooo much easier than we thought it would be, I think the boys actually had fun!” Mission accomplished! Thanks for all of the fun and smiles!