Fine Art Friday–London Calling

I shot this from an opposite escalator in the Tate Modern in London–an awesome spot if you ever make it to the land of gorgeous royals, historic beheadings, and most importantly, the old school apple pies at McDonald’s (crispy, greasy, and circa 1989 in the U.S/pre American health kick=yum.)  I love the strong diagonals of this photo and pop of red in the corner, as well as the small amount of wall text visible–a section of a handwritten history of modern art.

Museums are a passion of mine–the blend of the architecture and art is always different and intriguing.   I have degrees in museum studies and art history as well and spent many a semester as an curatorial or education intern. I especially love checking out museums when I travel, as they can tell a lot about a place.  Here are a few faves that have really enhanced my travels: The Immigration Museum in Melbourne, AUS, Robben Island Museum in Cape Town, SA (the museum could use some help with exhibition layout, but the material is moving), The Louvre (obvious and overwhelming but historically important), The Musée du Vin in Beaune, France (all you’d ever want to know about the evolution of a wine bottle and more!), Museum at Giverny in France (decide what your impression of Monet’s bridge might be), the J.Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles (architecture meets landscape), and the National Gallery of Art (classic and proud) in Washington, D.C.

Happy Friday!  I’ll be heading out to Jerz this weekend for a little Bruce fix, and the tailgating forecast looks promising.  Have a great weekend!