Perfection- New York, NY

A friend of mine recently began writing a great new blog–“new” being the key theme–she just moved to a new town and has a new baby, new job, and new house in a new town.  That is A LOT of new.  Life always seems to come in waves like that–in June 2007, I finished grad school, got married, packed up to move from Boston to Manhattan, and started looking for a new job.  Did I mention that in those same 4 weeks, I also chaired our 5th college reunion and was the maid of honor in my cousin’s wedding? June 30th, my wedding day, felt like the finish line.  Holy overwhelming.

Last week, Laura wrote a great post about putting pressure on herself to be perfect–as a wife, a mom, a teacher–and feeling paralyzed by the fear of failure.  I could relate in the larger sense (starting a new business is hard) and even in the smaller sense…every time I post an image on here, I think to myself, “Wait, is this good enough to post?”  I shy away from posting I-Phone photos (the dreaded and semi blurry result of the Iphone 4) because I imagine someone will say “she’s a PHOTOGRAPHER? Why is that picture so blurry?!?”  But I’m trying to get over it. Because sometimes the photos on my phone are pretty funny or tell a great story about my day.  Rest assured that if you hire me, I’ll bring my professional camera and lenses and not just my I-Phone!☺  And I know a thing or two about focusing.  Here’s to getting over perfection and being ok with it.  And trying really hard without being afraid of failure. Happy Monday.

Imperfect Flower, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, 2009

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