Fine Art Friday–Barn Love

I love barns and have some crazy romantic fantasy of buying an old house in the countryside and turning the barn into an awesome studio/work space.  Until then, I can just lust after them–their texture, history, and rugged beauty.  My heart skips a little when they are part of a wedding reception (left).  This one came complete with wrought iron chandeliers and an amazing loft that allowed me to shoot funky dance photos from above.

Welcome to August–I hope you can get some country livin’ in this weekend.  Or maybe just get those toes in the sand.  We’re maintaining our summer road warrior status and are off for yet another 4 day adventure.  Happy Friday!

Barns, Michigan, 2010.

Jack - August 3, 2012 - 1:00 pm


Love the picture on the right.

Perhaps your love of barns came from visits to Mary and Edith’s.