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SarahGreigPhotography_stomp_0757To my beloved customers,

Happy Holidays! I’m thankful that I was able to record so many wonderful families and events this year. In honor of SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY, I will be offering a rare 24 hour sale–your complete set of digital files at 50% off!! This sale includes all of the digital images from your 2014 portrait session for $325. Images will be delivered electronically for easy downloading. This is the perfect way to have all of your gorgeous images for personal printing and archiving forever and ever (and a wonderful holiday gift)!

To take advantage of this 24 hour sale, please email You will be sent an invoice, payable online by credit card by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, November 29th.

The Details:

-Complete Collection of High Resolution Files ($750 value) available for $325.

-24 Hour Sale is valid from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, November 29th.

-Payment must be received by 11:59 pm on Saturday, November 29th for offer to remain valid

-All sales are final

Thanks for supporting small businesses during the holidays and please remember to Shop Small today!


It’s A…–New York, NY

SarahGreigPhotography_stomp_0744It’s a…GIRL! Two weeks ago my husband announced these words as our second child was born as the sun rose at 6:56 am on September 27th. My first thought was-WHAT? and my second thought was…OH NO. Of course I think that sisters are the best, but I was completely convinced leading up the birth that it was a boy. The “oh no” came from the fact that we had NO girl names that we both loved, and I knew we’d spend the next two days in the hospital stressing about what to name this tiny, perfect little being. And stress we did. Literally I felt sick to my stomach as it came down to the wire and we had to fill out the paperwork with the clock ticking during our check-out time. We have a photo of me looking pained as my pen hovers over the social security paperwork!

Naming another human being is a BIG deal. Will their initials spell something weird? How many syllables go well with a one syllable last name? Are there nicknames (some good, some bad)? Does it reflect both sides of our family and our Irish/Scottish heritage? Is it popular now? Will it become too popular? (this is the kiss of death for me, having grown up as one of a million Sarahs). On the other hand, is it too weird? Does it go well with our other daughter’s name? Will it look decent on a resume or a sports roster? Does it sound too much like a law firm? What does it mean? (one Irish name we loved was out of the running because it meant “little dog” and I just couldn’t get over it–my husband thought I was being ridiculous!) So many names were dismissed because my husband and I both used to work at schools and now associate certain names with former students. But the questions go ON AND ON when you are stuck. Is it…too Southern…too hard to pronounce…too gender ambiguous…too unusual? Do our friends already have a child with that name and will they be mad if we also use it?

After lots of stress, we finally settled on a family name–Farrell–my old middle name/mom’s maiden name, paired with a clearly female middle name–Elizabeth–which is both of my husband’s grandmothers and also my great-grandmother’s middle name…and there we had it. It’s Irish, the initials aren’t terrible, and it represents both sides of the family and part of my old name. I’m horrible at making huge decisions and then feeling good about them, so when the insurance guy on the phone couldn’t pronounce it (oh! like the singer- Pha-rrell!!), or when people give me weird looks when I tell them the name, I cringe, but I’ll come around. We put a lot of good thought into it. And if she doesn’t love it, she’s always got her middle name.

So, welcome to Farrell Elizabeth. Much like your sister, you are tall and skinny, and arrived into the world pretty quickly.  You have hands that can already palm a basketball and feet the size of your dad’s. So far you are a lot of work and are giving us all a run for our money; but when you’re not eating or crying, you’re pretty darn cute.

Do you have a name story? Do you love or hate your name or initials? Do share!!


Diamond Family–Westerly, RI Family Portraits

I come from a big Irish family so when asked to photograph an equally large family, I’m always up for the challenge. I arrive to the session with a plan of attack as we work toward sunset time (depending on ages, bedtimes, meltdown potential, etc.) and am ready to wrangle a big group–high energy is the key! With groups of 8+, I’d estimate that everyone is looking at the camera with their eyes open in about 10% of the photos that I take–no matter how much I try! The solution? Just take a lot so you have options! Keep the group laughing, jump up and down, and bring squeaky toys for the babies- whatever you’ve got to do! Thus, I was excited when the Diamond family contacted me to take beach portraits of their group of 10, ranging in age from 6 months to 90. I’ve known the Diamonds since high school and it’s always fun to see how a family has grown and changed.

We met at their family home in Westerly, RI, which has a gorgeous walkway leading down to the beach. We lucked out with beautiful mid-summer light but battled some fierce wind, which is never easy for the gals in the photos! After the large group shot, we were able to break down into some smaller groups to capture the little cousins and their families. Davis just turned 2 and is the son of college coaches–football for dad and lacrosse for mom–his mom was my soccer goalie in high school and college! I always ask families of toddlers to bring some fun props for the session, and Davis’ latest love is golf. They brought along his set of clubs and a football, and we had a blast recording his laughter and clear athletic skill! Thomas, his little cousin, will certainly be joining in the fun next year, but this year I had the joy of capturing snuggles with mom and dad (it was nearing his bedtime) as well as his amazing blue eyes. We also took a few fun images of the boys with their Aunt Paige, who clearly adores them!

I wrote a few months ago about the importance of recording a family as it grows and changes. I love families who understand the value of this. It’s not easy to gather three adult children, their spouses, babies, grandmother, and parents all in one place at the same time, but in the end I believe that it’s so worth it. Diamonds, it was such fun to work with you and hope to see you all again soon!



Family Portraits–Watch Hill, Rhode Island

SarahGreigPhotography_stomp_0711Deep blue hydrangeas, boathouse water reflections in golden light, a kelly green canoe, and a sunset view from a beautiful dock…this session location was a photographer’s wonderland! And with an adorable family to boot! Though it had poured for parts of the day leading up to our session, the skies cleared just in time and mother nature gifted us with one of the prettiest nights of the summer.

When I showed up to photograph Zachary and meet his family, I didn’t have to worry about breaking the ice–he was excited to see me and told me he had “lots of ideas” for our photo session. I liked his style! We struck a deal to do a few of his ideas along with a few of mine, and from covered porch to wooden dock, we had a blast and captured some great images (and those BLUE eyes, wow!). Thanks D, E, and Z for your spirit and smiles–I hope these images bring you back to summer days!

Nantucket Family Beach Portraits–Siasconset, MA

A surfboard, sand, smiles, and sunset are a great combo for a summer beach session! I adored working with these little ladies and their mom. I caught the Nutting family on Nantucket just two days before they moved to California, so naturally we found a surfboard to use during some of the session (ok, they’re moving to Northern CA, but people do surf there in wetsuits among the sharks!) When working with three children, someone is always running in the opposite direction or doing their own thing, but with a little help from mom and grandma (and maybe some promises of Swedish fish), we captured genuine laughter and had lots of fun. I also have two sisters and loved recording the familiar interactions between these three–ranging from love to annoyance–and of course lots of admiration for each other.

We kicked off the session in front my favorite blue doors at Sankaty Head Beach Club (they just scream “summer” to me!) and continued down on the beach in the golden light of sunset with the ever-eroding Siasconset bluff as a gorgeous backdrop.  This family is welcoming child #4 this winter and I found some appropriate beach buckets to photograph with the gals and mom’s tummy! S, C, H, and B, it was so much fun to work with you–I can’t wait to meet your new addition next summer!