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Fine Art Friday–Colonia, Uruguay

Heading south today for Fine Art Friday…to Colonia del Sacramento, just across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  This historic 17th century town is a dreamy day trip for someone who loves old buildings (that’s me!).  Filled with texture, charm, and wild bougainvilla at every corner, my camera worked overtime during this […]

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Memory Lane–West Hartford, CT

When I was in first grade, my class studied Africa.  I still remember learning about all of the animals, as well as Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya, and Tanzania.  It’s weird the things that vividly stick in your mind from 27 years ago.  So, when my nephew’s class invited me to share photos and stories about my […]

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Fine Art Friday–Floating Away

I spent some time floating in a warm, tranquil part of the Atlantic Ocean two weeks ago and I never wanted to leave.  Which may explain why I was so envious of and fascinated by this gorgeous orange leaf just drifting through a blaze of turquoise on its way out to sea.  I chased it […]

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