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Golf Carts, Oranges, and Rain, Oh My!–Hutchinson Island, Florida

Florida. Land of…retirees, oranges, tax advantages, non-native pythons, and sunshine. Or so I’m told.  I recently spent a week at lovely Sailfish Point and with the exception of one day, it either rained or was windy and 55 degrees.  I know what you’re thinking, 55? That’s balmy!  but it was not what I had envisioned […]

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Fine Art Friday–Greener Pastures–Sonoma, CA

  Today’s image is for those of us suffering from the winter blahs.  It’s January in the Northeast, which means I’m really missing endless sunshine and greenery.  I shot this a few years ago from a balcony overlooking Gloria Ferrer Winery in Sonoma, which is a great spot to visit if you love sparkling wine.  […]

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Fall is in the Air–Nantucket, MA

There is finally a chill in the air!  I probably won’t be writing exclamation marks after that statement in a few weeks, but for now it’s nice to say goodbye to the humidity and hello to autumn.  Judging by the amount of blog space that I’ve dedicated the change in season, you may guess that […]

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