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Winter. Here to Stay–Nantucket, MA

Moving home from Sydney on their first day of summer (December 21st) seemed like a bad idea at the time, but we had no idea just how much winter had in store for us when we arrived home. Wow. Of course I miss Sydney’s turquoise water right about now, but being a native New Englander, […]

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Fine Art Friday–U.S.A!

Happy Friday! I’ve been pretty glued to the Olympics over the past few weeks, and today should be pretty exciting as we take on Canada in men’s hockey. Yesterday’s women’s hockey game was a complete heartbreaker.  I grew up playing hockey (starting out as the only girl on an all boys team), and was amazed […]

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Coffee Lessons Abroad…Two Words–Flat. White.

Australians are known as coffee snobs. And they should be. In fact, as this great article explains “most urban Australians have a favoured barista on speed dial next to the dentist, doctor, hair stylist and plumber, and most have a preferred way to drink their coffee.” My Australian friends who found themselves living in NYC […]

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