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Australian Adventure–By the Numbers

Day 20 and chugging along on our family adventure in Australia. There’s been so much to write about, but we’ve on the road for 17 of the last 20 days with faulty wireless access and power charging dilemmas, so apologies for the silence! I’ll try to catch up now that we are (somewhat) settled in […]

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Shark Week–New York, NY

Sharks are my biggest fear in life. Irrational? Probably. But ever since I saw JAWS, no swim in the ocean has ever been the same…which is a shame, because I grew up in New England, spent summers on the Cape, and love the ocean. Yet while in the water, I perpetually move my legs around […]

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Sand, Salt, and Memory–New York, NY

I write this from my cluttered urban living room where too many projects in various stages sit in chaotic piles, while my air conditioner’s fan attempts to mask the fact that my apartment has no way to circulate the fresh breeze that sits just beyond my windowpane.  But last week I sat in a beach […]

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