Resolution:Capturing the Big and Small–NY, NY

We just moved back from Sydney. More to come on that. We switched from sunscreen to scarves, flip flops to snow boots, and from swimming laps to shoveling stoops.  It seems like we left New York in August with a tiny toddler and returned with a teenager. Literally, in just five months, my daughter has changed SO much. And no, she didn’t develop that killer Aussie accent I was hoping she’d pick up at daycare.  But we returned home to a dresser full of clothing that is far too small, a bin of shoes that will never be worn by her again, a pile of coats that are so short that her belly button peeks out, a high chair that she can’t jam her legs into, and a crib that she has completely outgrown. All together, these are very tangible reminders that life is moving by too quickly. Hence one of my New Year’s resolutions–to capture the small moments on camera this year…starting with her giggles in the bathtub as she “dunkeroos”.  Happy New Year.

Betsy - January 4, 2014 - 9:14 am

Love this post and picture – can so relate! Happy new year!