Putting Darkness in a Whole New Light

This time of year, winter afternoons can seem long and cold…often only punctuated by the holidays lights and the warm glow of windows.  I stumbled across the NY Times photography blog yesterday, Black and White and Black all Over,  and loved many of their archival images.  There is even a photo (#9) of my street in 1959!  Though many photographers can’t wait to gain back late spring and early summer light, this gives us all inspiration to see the magic of the dark (and to bust out our dusty tripods.)  When I lived in Paris, I spent many evenings photographing the city after dark.  I returned to Paris for New Year’s Eve three years ago, and captured these night shots- a streetscape complete with lit chandeliers for the holidays, and an ever present muse-the Louvre aglow at night (center and right images).

It’s tough to choose a favorite in the NY Times blog, as I’m torn between the Paris and New York images.  I finally settled on a stateside image- the last one (#17, 1972), the classic window view of the Brooklyn Bridge…with an evening twist.  What is your favorite image in the slideshow and why?

[…] as the shutter released to avoid blurring the image. You may have seen these in an earlier post on night photography, but I couldn’t resist recycling them for the […]