Holiday Cards and Displays

My apologies for the radio silence- the craze of making holiday lab deadlines for albums, cards, and prints, along with teaching, an office move and a December cold have kept me up in the wee hours and away from my blog!  As I write, the twinkle of lights from our first Christmas tree (see photo) since 2007 are reflecting into my computer screen. The holiday cards are pouring into our mailbox and I love to see all of the lovely photos and designs. Hearing from friends in MI, CA, IL, ME, and all over New England makes me wish everyone would send cards more than once a year.  Check out my old blog post on holiday card trends and suggestions for cards- it’s not too late to create and send a New Year’s Card.  It’s hip to be behind schedule- New Year’s cards are in!  If you’re looking for a beautiful way to display all of that love from near and far, I like to punch a hole in the top corner of a card, and string a nice grosgrain ribbon through them, then hang the string along a blank wall.  You can also put an ornament hook through the hole and hang that from the ribbon.  Check out a great Better Homes & Gardens article for even more display ideas.  Happy Christmas week everyone!