The Mom Moments–Big and Small–New York, NY

This year I’m celebrating my 3rd mother’s day, and my mom is celebrating her 39th.  Last year I posted some favorite mom images from my portfolio, but this year I’ve been thinking a lot about moments.  My mom has so much incredible wisdom to share from her years of raising four wonderful (obviously!) children, but one thing that I’ve realized over the last two years is that the joy of being a mom is as much about the small moments as it is about the big ones.  Of course I remember the excitement of watching my daughter roll over for the first time, the pride of her taking her first wobbly steps, and the thrill of hearing her stumble through an entire first sentence.  But the memories that I love the most are the little ones: watching her crack herself up while balancing my sunglasses on her tiny nose, feeling her little arms wrap around my neck and squeeze me closely among some gorgeous cherry blossoms at our neighborhood park, and my true favorite–listening to her fast little feet running down our hallway toward me when I get home from work (accompanied by squealing). And of course, photos often help to cement these moments–here are a few big and small.  

Thank you mom…no really, thank you a million–you’re the best.  I don’t know how you ever handled all four of us…I always imagined that it must have been hard; but now that I am a mom of one, I am truly in awe! And thank you CMG, for letting me share these tiny and grand moments as you grow up before my eyes. Happy Mother’s Day…what would you like to say to your mom today?

Big Moment with Mom. Photograph by Brea McDonald Photography

Small moment. Mother’s Day, 2012.

My amazing mom with the fab four (tall to small!)

Small moment. Photograph by Kate Martin


Mary Farrell - May 13, 2013 - 9:46 pm

Sarah, you have an incredible gift. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful incomparable Mom. And what amazing pictures to bring back the memories. Love Mary

George - May 14, 2013 - 11:43 am

Beautiful post, Sarah, and beautiful photos!

Nice to have these moments big and small captured.