Painting the Sky–New York, NY

Some New Yorkers can go overboard flaunting their shoes, handbags, and overall general wealth.  But here is something that is pretty sweet though it must have cost a fortune (more on that in the racked article).  Last month the city was abuzz about an over-the-top proposal, and today a few more details were released.  I hear a lot of lovely proposal stories from the couples that I work with, but this one may be in its own stratosphere.  Literally.  It was written in the sky, for anyone within 15 miles to see…”Christine Hall Will U Marry Me?”  From Instagram photos of the sky over Yankee Stadium to You Tube videos of clapping crowds in Central Park, the proposal hit the internet in a flurry.  Even Martha Stewart picked up the story, and it looks like the soon to be bride made a comment on their article.  One account says the couple was standing in one of my favorite spots, on top of Belvedere Castle in Central Park, though the video would counter that fact.  I’m just glad that she said yes!

Image credits: (L) Erin Furey, (R)