Good Things Come in Small Packages–New York, NY

I’ve always been a fan of Converse All Stars.  But mini Converse All Stars?  I’m not sure there could be anything classier for a 1 year old to wear.  These grass green gems arrived recently at our apartment in the most adorable teeny box, which I of course immediately photographed (all the while my daughter was grabbing for the box, the shoes and my lens!).  These reminded me of a detail shot that I took a few summers ago at a rustic Michigan wedding.  As the night raged on, I spotted an abandoned cocktail table with a camera, some half glasses of bubbly, and the ring bearer’s mini blue Converse.  You couldn’t have staged a better wedding still life!  I love how real images like these can tell the story of the evening.  Check it out below (and a snap of the ring bearers excitedly ringing the dinner bell before kicking off their blue shoes!)

It’s always the little things that make a wedding personalized and special.  Sometimes even little shoes.