No Two Ways About It–New York, NY

It’s a big day in the Greig household.  My daughter turns two today.  I’m not one to make a fuss and throw a huge party that she won’t remember, but it’s nice to mark the day with some reflections on what a wonderful journey she has led us on over the last 24 months.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full year since last year’s birthday post…even if it feels like you went from a baby to a teenager.  Ok, not quite; but still, a big year.  A year of your first steps, which have now progressed to running and jumping.  A year of listening to your vocabulary expand from your first word–bubble–to nearly full sentences.  A year of reaching for handles on your tippy toes, and now being able to open doors. A year of asserting your independence and testing boundaries.  A year of dancing and singing to your favorite music (you might have perfect Farrell family pitch).  A year of discovering your favorite book characters, whether George, Madeline, Corduroy, or Llama.  A year of outgrowing all of your clothes far too quickly, you tall girl.  A year of playing with your neighborhood friends, and learning how to be “nice, no pushin”.  A year of discovering and adoring your cousins–the best playmates of all.  A year of heart-melting sweetness: “Yuv you Mommy–kisses” paired with wild sass “NO, I do it.”  And a year of discovering your city–on foot, in stroller, on bus or subway–”Bagels! Whee Slide! Museo! Di-o-saurs! Gym! Church! Shake Shack! Duckies! Train!”

A year of pride, for both me and your dad.  Life is adventure, and you make it even better.

I’m sure the next 12 months will zip past as well; but for now, Happy Birthday to my adventurous, sweet, funny, energetic, independent, and sassy TWO year old.  Please continue to keep us on our toes. I know you will.