Wedding season is in full swing, which also means that anniversaries are popping up left and right.  I love thinking back to how many friends were married on the last few days of July (different years of course, but I can currently count 3…which I know because my husband’s birthday was yesterday and he claims to spend every birthday weekend at a wedding!), and recalling their wedding details and moments.  We’ve spent the last weekend of July at weddings in historic Cambridge, MA, across the country in romantic and foggy Carmel, CA, and close to home in the urban oasis of Fort Trynon Park with gorgeous views of the GW bridge and Hudson River.

I was married on a popular June wedding weekend and thus have celebrated a few of our anniversaries toasting our friends and welcoming them into the end of June anniversary club.  I also got married on the same weekend as my sister, (I assure you, not A Very Brady Wedding; the events were 5 years apart), and we decided to jointly celebrate our 5th and their 10th this year in Bermuda.  We got a great deal on Jetsetter and spent four blissfully child-free nights at the Pink Beach Hotel.  It was an awesome trip complete with cocktail hours featuring competitive I-pod playlists (I won!), daily tennis matches (I lost!), relaxing beach time, white knuckled moped touring, and my fave…forced/semi-embarrassing photo shoots at sunset on the beach.  Of course these yielded some beautiful photos but also some funny ones.  My brother-in-law is known for his uncontrollable blinking and half smiling during any photo taking, and for getting so sunburned that I have to turn every photo into black and white.  He was a good sport though, and we got some keepers…here are a few.  He even turned the tables on us and, while sporting his BRIGHT yellow pants, took over my camera like a Sports Illustrated beach photographer gone wild, in order to snap a few of me and my husband.  Nice work Peter…love your shooting form! Happy anniversaries to all of you summer brides and grooms out there.  Here’s to you.

betsy - August 2, 2012 - 9:42 am

love that bottom photo of you and dave.