New Year? New Projects.

January is a time for resolutions, and this year I’m determined to finally hang some artwork in my home.  I’ve had frames to fill and hang since…2009.  You may think I’m joking, but I’m not.  The frames gather dust as they sit in a nice, neat stack next to my china cabinet.  I bought several of these great square, simple, silver frames (above left) and planned–over 4 years ago–to make a little gallery down a very long hallway (we call it the bowling alley) in our apartment.  I even have the frame placement sketched out to the inch.  How, you might ask, can a photographer not even find the time to hang up her work?  It is tricky to hang things on our brick walls, but I really have no excuse!  I tell my portrait clients and brides that revisiting your memories in an album or on the wall is a must–simply having digital negatives on your computer means that you won’t get to enjoy your images enough. So it’s time to take my own advice and get a move on.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress, which I’m hoping will take less than 4 years!! During the coming month, I’ll dedicate a few blog posts about different ways to display photographs in your home.  I find inspiration all over for this–in museums, galleries, magazines, and stores, and I always snap these ideas with my iPhone.  Stay tuned!  Here is a fun idea of the day, inspired by a recent display at MoMA.  The image placement is almost an art piece in itself, creates a cool visual effect, and you can always change out the photos to highlight a new theme or color.

Top photos- Courtesy of Crate and Barrel
Bottom photo- Courtesy of my iPhone

[…] new, fresh images or rearranging timeless ones in a funky way.  Or at least I’d make good on my January resolution to complete a long awaited hall gallery in my “bowling alley”.  I’m still […]

[…] As promised I’ll be sprinkling the blog this spring with some great ideas to get your photographs off of the computer screen and onto your walls. Friends and clients are always looking for new, inexpensive ways to display their favorite images, whether they hail from a professional shoot or your iPhone.  Last week, Pinhole Press introduced a pretty cool solution.  Pinhole is a division of Mohawk Paper, so you know you can’t go wrong with the paper quality, but they also do a nice job printing photographs.  Let’s be honest, many companies fail miserably at printing photographs.  I find Pinhole’s overall aesthetic–from font to product design–to be modern, clean, and crisp.  As a professional photographer, I’m lucky to have to a plethora of professional labs that design hundreds of custom products, but I believe that Pinhole offers everyday consumers easy access to unique, high quality products that are difficult to find elsewhere.  They didn’t pay me to write this, I swear!  I trust Pinhole to print some of my clients gifts and I also love many of their unique photo products, from coasters to wine labels to flashcards. […]