Holiday Products–Kicking it Old School


It’s crunch time people…the days of being able to order your gifts with regular shipping are about to slip past.  But it’s not too late to give a great photo product to your loved ones.

Today’s product: a custom notepad. Yes, I said it. A notepad! As in, real paper that you can write on with a pen or a pencil.  Essential for jotting down endless to-dos or grocery/packing lists, and even great for your little one to doodle on (instead of your white slipcover).  Best of all, your friends and family can’t find these in stores! We all have lists in our iPad and iPhones, but this is an actual old school (and very satisfying) way to make your lists.  There is no better feeling than actually taking a pen and crossing off items once they are complete.  You can’t get that from your computer or phone.  My house is filled with notepads and yet when I need to write something down, I can never find one.  The solution?  Just buy more!

Specs: Notepad–4 x 6.5″, padded with cover,  50 sheets of Mohawk Superfine paper
Price: $30

Photos- One vertical (front cover)
One horizontal (inside)
Plus custom text and inside pattern of your choice

P.S- Clients, contact me this week to order notepads in time for the holidays!


liz - January 9, 2013 - 1:38 pm

So cute! Love that pic and the pattern inside is great!