Fine Art Friday–Red, White, and Blue

I’m feeling the need for a little Patriotism on this Friday…let’s be honest, it has been a tough week. I don’t even live in Boston, but my heart is with you all.  When we moved from Boston to New York six years ago, we chose our current neighborhood because it “felt a little like Boston.”  But I regularly miss the spirit, the attitude, the accents, the traditions, and the unapologetic pride of being part of that solid community.  This week you have truly shown what camaraderie is and how to pull together in the face of tragedy.  So here is my take on our nation’s colors–all photographs were taken in New England.  Happy Friday, and here’s to a better next week.

Top: Barn, Portsmouth, NH    Middle: Great Point Lighthouse, Nantucket, MA  Bottom: Coatue, Nantucket, MA