The Setting–Riverside Park, New York, NY

I’ve always seen the world in frames or snippets.  Even as I’m sitting on the subway, I’m often looking at my surroundings and composing a photograph in my head.  New York City has so many wonderful pockets of inspiration, whether the bold red doors of a fire station, thin stripes of silver metal on a garage, or a particularly ornate design on a park bench.  When I see these, I immediately imagine how I would use them in a wedding shoot or a portrait session.  Here is a good example–I’ve always loved these elaborate stairs in our neighborhood.  Though they are part of a memorial in Riverside Park, they evoke feelings of Ancient Greece.  I finally brought my camera the other day and sent my toddler up and down (thanks to our fourth floor walk-up apartment, she is pretty good with stairs) to play with some angles.  Here are a few.

If you are an artist, photographer, or creative type, where do you spot inspiration?  Please share!