Baby Rose-Newborn Portraits-West Hartford, CT

Today we’re throwing it back to a Connecticut session from last winter that I haven’t shared yet! This little lady (who shares a birthday with her mom) celebrated her first birthday last week!!! It’s such a cliché, but time really does fly.There is nothing better than a cozy indoor newborn session for winter babies, and this newly minted “Party of Five” was so much fun to work with. I’ve known this couple since our pre-child days when we had lots of time for fun–whether an overnight birthday party with competitive games or wedding attendee overindulgence…and now we are up all night for other reasons!

In an effort to have newborns sleeping and posable, I usually ask parents to crank up the heat and feed the baby just before I arrive. Despite our best efforts, Baby Rose had major FOMO and didn’t fall asleep until the very end of our session…total 3rd child move! 🙂 But I loved being able to capture her beautiful eyes and her interactions with her two proud big sisters. I love catching siblings in mid laugh or playing with their new baby doll’s tiny hands and feet. Plus, how cute are their dresses? Good job on the wardrobe, Mama!

The further I get into my photography career, the more I realize that perfect images (typically defined by clients as everyone smiling like angels and looking at the camera) are attainable, but REAL images are so much more fun to capture and tell the story. I understand that you don’t want an entire gallery of photos of your kids wrestling with each other, but I also loved this session because the parents were real. Case in point, these family images on the couch. By letting kids be kids (and realizing that it was the end of the session and they were bored!), I had them stand behind the couch and pop up when I said to. Just from this little game, I think we captured some images depicting the true story of life with three children. As a recently admitted member of this Party of Five club, I can attest that NO ONE is willing to do exactly the same thing at the same time.

Thanks J, S, C, C, and R for letting me capture this fleeting moment in time, and for keeping it REAL.