Winter. Here to Stay–Nantucket, MA

Moving home from Sydney on their first day of summer (December 21st) seemed like a bad idea at the time, but we had no idea just how much winter had in store for us when we arrived home. Wow. Of course I miss Sydney’s turquoise water right about now, but being a native New Englander, I love storms, heavy snow, and the Weather Channel hullabaloo surrounding them all. So I was pretty excited when we found ourselves on Nantucket last week with a  huge Nor’easter forecasted to bring over a foot of snow. In the end, the island got stuck on the wrong side of the snow/rain line for a few hours, but still watched in awe as the wind howled all night and blew swaths of snow against the house. Our attempts to get wood from outside during the middle of the blizzard also proved entertaining…let’s just say I could have used some ski pants and goggles.

We ended up with only about 6 inches, but the next morning dawned sunny and crisp, and the view out of the front door was breathtaking. Here are a few photos I took just before we headed to the ferry. Thanks for the winter show Nantucket…see you (soon?) in flip flops!