Trick or Treat- Halloween in Manhattan

Happy Halloween!  Raising a child in Manhattan means doing a few things quite differently than I did as a child in the suburbs, and Halloween is one of those very different experiences! Since it’s my daughter’s first Halloween, we had the inaugural taste of trick or treating Manhattan style.  Some kids here don’t even leave their buildings-they just go door to door between apartments-while others walk from building to building collecting candy from the doorman.  Luckily, our street actually closes to traffic and the residents do a wonderful job getting LOTS of candy and decorating their stoops. Though it was past my daughter’s bedtime, we took her for a quick spin around the chaotic yet fun block.  Here are a few photos of her- pumpkin by day and zebra by night.  When photographing children, make note of the background- I always put her on the white couch for a neutral background (but don’t let all of that white trick your light meter!), but for a laugh, I chose a patterned background to camouflage her in her zebra costume.  What was the best costume that you saw on Halloween?