Charlotte-Washington, D.C.

I had the pleasure of photographing Charlotte (Charlie) and her parents a few weekends ago.  Her mom is an old friend from college and it’s fun that we both have daughters so close in age.  Our girls enjoyed seeing each other again- Charlotte would excitedly shout “Hiiiii BABY!” and Callie would clap her hands. Their family just moved into a new house after a massive renovation and it was great to see them settled in their beautiful (and holiday festive) home! Charlotte turned one in August and is walking all over the place and talking up a storm.  We found some great natural light by their big picture window and though we didn’t coerce too many smiles during our mission for a Christmas photo, I love some of the images I captured.  Those eyelashes, wow! We also snapped a few of the whole family on their front porch- since Charlotte wanted to be on the move, we just let her walk toward the camera, resulting in some fun candids.  Meg, Patrick,Charlotte (and Winston), it was so wonderful to see you and congrats on the new home! And thanks for the inspiration we needed to buy our first tree in 5 years for Callahan’s first Christmas-they really do light up a room.