Riverside Park in Bloom–New York, NY

We’re lucky to live equidistant between Central and Riverside Parks. Each has its own merits, but when we head out for a walk, I usually get to the bottom of our stoop and make a last minute decision to turn left (to Riverside) or right (to Central). As far as watching the change of seasons, I prefer Central Park in the fall (meandering walkways and huge granite boulders surrounded by blazing autumn colors) and Riverside Park in the spring (sweeping cherry blossoms, boats on the Hudson river, rainbows of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth). Last night, my daughter and I ventured left toward the Hudson River as the light turned golden, and I snapped a few photos of spring in its beginning glory. It won’t be long before these blooms are gone, so check them out soon. For ideas of great spots to visit, check out the 10 Best Places to see NYC in Full Bloom. And smile, I think the snow is FINALLY gone. Enjoy the weekend!