Nantucket Family Portraits–Brant Point Lighthouse

It’s been a fun month of photographing families on the beautiful island of Nantucket. I worked with this gorgeous family nearly 4 years ago in Washington, D.C. as we did newborn portraits for their oldest son. Time flies and now they’ve got another handsome little boy who is turning 2 in September. We planned a 7am session on their last morning on the island…yet our early morning meetup was postponed thanks to a foggy downpour. Morning and early evening weather on Nantucket can be sooo unpredictable, so I always obsess about the forecast on session days and pray for good luck! They were troopers (who doesn’t love texting with your photographer at 6am?!) and we successfully waited out the weather and squeezed our photos in before they returned to Colorado.

A few things I loved about this session:

-They chose a meaningful location for their family portraits. Matt and Brooke got engaged at Brant Point, so seeing their littles running up and down the walkway in the very same place where Matt popped the question was awesome. How amazing to have a landmark be a part of your story, and to be able to revisit it each year and see how much your lives have changed. I took a few photos of the boys standing by the railing, because it will be a nice benchmark to see how much they’ve grown in future images.
-These boys didn’t stop moving, which made the session fast-paced, fun, and lively. Matt and Brooke pitched in to get some real laughs from Cal and Row, and put up with my jokes about crab and ladybug attacks.
-Their mom brought quesadillas as a snack. 1) who doesn’t love quesadillas? and 2) I always recommend that parents bring a non messy snack, and these bought us a good 15 extra minutes once the boys were full. Thanks B!
-Brooke also did a great job coordinating their outfits–they were the perfect mix of beach casual, and coordinated blues/whites/reds without being too matchy matchy. The All American feel was also a great nod to 4th of July week and the American flag at the lighthouse. If you’re looking for some clothing ideas for your beach session, see below!

Matt, Brooke, Callum, and Rowan–I loved photographing you all and we hope to see you out West soon! xo