Matchstick Madness–Sydney, Australia

 I recently spent almost an entire meal looking up at the ceiling. I wasn’t avoiding an awkward conversation; rather, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the light fixtures. With guests in town, we ventured to 360, a rotating restaurant in the Sydney Tower. Eating dinner 850 feet off of the ground could be a tourist trap; but in reality, it was actually a cool atmosphere with delicious food–they were even throwing Jamie Oliver’s name around. I felt a little off as we slowly rotated–but a glass of wine and the changing view helped distract me from my slight motion sickness. Sydney favorites appeared momentarily in the distance and then disappeared–the illuminated Opera House, imposing St. Mary’s Cathedral, bustling Darling Harbor, and the beloved Harbour Bridge. Yet I spent most of the evening looking up, rather than out of the window. I was that obnoxious person snapping iPhone shots of the massive light fixtures and only half participating in our conversation. The rotating restaurant suddenly became a bonus–I could dine under each and every light rather than just one.

I was in awe of these stunning pieces of art, created by Sydney artist Reni Kung, because each light is made out of–wait for it–matchsticks! So cool. The detail, planning, (glue?), and patience that must go into their creation is mind boggling. Each had a completely unique design that could filter the light in its own way. We passed under 12-14 (I lost count), before they started repeating again. I longed for my real camera, but the iPhone can step up in a pinch.

Here’s to finding inspiration and art all around–even above– us. And here’s to me winning the lotto and commissioning a light for my apartment!