Flowers Make Me Swoon- New York, NY

Though April showers persist, May has arrived!  I thought I’d post these virtual flowers from a few gorgeous weddings and rehearsal dinners to serve as a bright spot on this rainy day…or a little wedding flower inspiration to those of you in planning mode. I chose these four images for their bold pops of color and creative presentation.  I am pretty obsessed with flowers and can credit my dad with showing me at a young age how to plant the perfect row of impatiens or properly stake a tomato plant.  There is nothing that makes me happier than picking up a fresh bouquet, or placing single buds around the apartment, or just wandering around my local flower shop to see what has just arrived.  In graduate school, I worked on weekends as an assistant to a Boston wedding florist who made the most elegant, crisp, modern arrangements, and made me realize that good florists are true artists.

Though a city dweller, I maintain a healthy window garden of flowers and herbs from May-October.  My husband cringes every year during planting time (this weekend?) as I take over our living room and get soil all over the new hardwood floors, but it’s so worth it!  I don’t have enough room to plant peonies (my all-time favorite which I had in my wedding bouquet), but these beauties usually appear outside of NYC bodegas for just two weeks a year.  Yesterday, I turned onto Amsterdam Avenue and was thrilled to spot some!  Placing one shade of peonies in a simple tall vase can be dramatic and striking (lower left image).

If you are looking for some inspiration for your big day, you can search by color on The Knot , or subscribe to a florist newsletter for the latest trends and styles.  My own wedding florist (love!), Michael at Flowers on Chestnut, has some great ideas on their website as well as a newsletter that you can sign up for.  Happy May!