Fine Art Friday

Today we welcome a returning guest photographer to Fine Art Friday, the awesome Suzie St. Pierre.  Though based in NYC, her heart beats for two things: the great state of Maine and culinary greatness.  Luckily, she is dating a chef!  I’ve always loved her macro/detail work, particularly of food, and this shot is no exception.  It’s just another example of art being everywhere.  Happy Friday.

Suzie’s Take:
When Sarah asked me to participate in Fine Art Friday again, I responded without hesitation.  Shortly after, I started sifting through my work, which I don’t have much of since I moved back to NYC from Maine…and the disappointment set in.  I dug a little deeper; what places or events have Sarah and I shot together?  Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, NH  came to mind, but those photos predate my laptop, and must live on a hard drive in Maine.  Then I considered a shoot that we had at the the Frying Pan boat, but there is only one photo I liked of the bunch.  I concluded that I need to use my camera more and not work so much. ha!  Which led me to this photo.  I was looking for something that would make me smile or laugh after the previous emotions had rolled in, uninvited.  

This photo reminds me of a hug or a moment with my man, and then a smile emerges.  I hope the same happens for you! -Suzie