Fall Road Trip- Blue Hill at Stone Barns- NY

With the leaves changing and some Upper West Side cabin fever setting in, my friend Kate and I ventured up to Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Tarrytown, NY to check out the farm and grab a delicious lunch.  Kate and I once had an epic road trip from Montana to Connecticut-3,000 miles of National Parks, too much eating at Subway, and falling in love with the undulating fields of Iowa- but now we’re lucky if we can drive 30 minutes north with our two infant girls. In fact, my email last week to Kate was titled “Road Trip (not the kind we used to go on).”  Though not as famed as the official restaurant on the property (what a place for an event!), the Cafe serves up lots of fresh produce from the 80 acre farm, as well as sandwiches, hot tea, scones, and other deliciousness.  For those of you New Yorkers, they also have a great tiny restaurant in the Village for a fancy night out.  We also shopped around their farmers market, where I snapped away at the gorgeous colors of deep purple beets and fresh wildflowers, and explored some of the verdant greenhouses.

Eventually, we held a portrait shoot with Kate and her daughter Eleanor.  Kate was a great sport- tossing E up in the air again and again to get that perfect laugh in mid-air. Eleanor, only one day shy of her 1/2 birthday, was really hamming it up for the camera.  I just love capturing these mom/daughter moments- I think too often the moms are the ones behind the camera- and life goes by too quickly to miss recording these proud smiles, funny expressions, and serious love!

Here are a few of my favorite snaps.  What is your favorite fall day trip or getaway?