Early Spring in Central Park, New York, NY

I’m not sure what’s going on with the weather, but I’ll happily take a 60 degree day in January!  The warm weather gave me a chance to get outside and test out/break in a new Canon 85mm lens- woohoo! Here are a few snaps from today’s visit to the Ramble in Central Park with Callahan, 10 months, and Eleanor, 9 months.  There was a lot of crawling, laughing, eating of sticks, and fighting over mom’s cell phones.  Though the grass looks a little sad, it’s still great for the little ones to practice their moves on.  Frederick Law Olmstead envisioned this part of the park as a wild garden, and I’m grateful for this locale with lots of new nooks to discover so close to our apartment.  I hope everyone is enjoying the weather as well!