Baby Mackenzie–West Village, New York City

I love photographing newborns in the dead of winter. Thanks to NYC apartments being hotter than the surface of the sun, it’s ideal for them to stay cozy and warm throughout our session, even in just their birthday suits. (The rest of the year I have to ask parents to crank up their heat for our newborn sessions.) Maybe I also love the idea of a new adorable life growing and changing so quickly while everything outside is dormant and gray. Anyway, I recently took my traveling show–ginormous beanbag, rolling suitcases full of lenses/flashes/cameras, cozy blankets, hats, and backdrop–down to the West Village on a frigid January day to meet and photograph little Mackenzie, then only 6 days old. She was absolutely perfect, the window light was beautiful, and we had a fun afternoon. Her mom is a friend from college, and I love witnessing and recording these big moments as we all progress into a new stage of our lives.

I always try to infuse a bit of each family’s personality into our photo session. We got a few shots with M rocking their alma mater gear (Fighting Irish for Dad and Amherst Lord Jeffs for Mom). Mackenzie’s parents also love sand and surf, so we snapped a few of her and Dad with one of their many surfboards–I can’t wait to see how old she’ll be when she rides her first wave!  We did try to put her directly onto a board for a shot, but she protested!

J, S, and M, it was such a pleasure to work with you and your gorgeous daughter–I’ll see you all again soon!