The Gift Dilemma

Every year, there is that one person who throws a wrench into “making a list and checking it twice,” or as I like to say, “making a list and ordering online asap.”  Today I received an email from Simon Pearce debuting their Twelve Days of Christmas list, and I LOVE their new Woodbury Photo Blocks.  I am always a fan of clean lines, and these glass frames are the perfect complement to a beautiful photograph. Simon Pearce is a wonderful company based in Vermont, and their handcrafted glass and pottery seamlessly merge traditional and contemporary and is always a great gift.  I registered for nearly 10 vases from there for our wedding and everyone made fun of me, but  1) fresh flowers make me happy and 2) I love their glass…so what’s wrong with that?  My family used to spend a lot of time in Quechee, which is the home of their Mill, glassblowing workshop, and delicious restaurant.  The restaurant dramatically cantilevers over the Ottauquechee River, overlooks a picturesque covered bridge, and serves the most amazing food.  I have lots of memories of visiting the store and workshop when I was little.  And so began my love affair with Vermont!  Though the Mill suffered a devastating flood after Hurricane Irene, they have just re-opened.  If you ever find yourself in Vermont, it’s a must visit.  In the meantime, order some Woodbury Photo Blocks and check off that list!