Sunset Family Portraits–Nantucket, MA

There is nothing quite like that perfect, early evening golden light that we captured in these images. The most beautiful light doesn’t hit at the most convenient time in the summer–one hour before sunset is ideal, which is usually around little kids’ bedtime and adult dinnertime. BUT,  if you can work around those hiccups,  is it totally worth it! My sister and her fam visited the island last August to swoop up my children and take them back to Rhode Island, so my husband and I could head to Scotland (his happy place) to celebrate his 40th bday. More to come on that amazing adventure, but it never could have happened without my sister’s help and my 25 spreadsheets and medical releases sent to various states and family members! The divide and conquer is major when you have three kids and want to go on a trip.


Needless to say, I tried to make a small dent in her generosity by doing a family portrait session while they were here. Our attempt to knock out her Christmas card photo by the end of August was successful–we merely had to send out her final card photo for some windy hair fixing–yes I work with a company who can work that magic! It’s SO nice when you aren’t scrambling for a holiday card photo in the fall! My daughter assisted with some background shenanigans to make them laugh, which is always helpful.


My niece and nephew have been in front of my camera since they were born, but I love photographing them every year as they are getting SO OLD. Boo hoo. Cheers to capturing these fleeting days in golden light. And thank you Team Wiggs for getting in front of my camera each year.