Something Blue–New York, NY

Here’s a little inspiration for all of you summer brides! Stay tuned for more photographs of Meghan and Mike’s amazing Boston wedding; but in the meantime, check out the bride’s gorgeous bracelet, which was a creative way to have her “something blue” on the wedding day.  There are a lot of wedding day traditions, but one of my favorites is the “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.”  The history about this saying is interesting, as it dates back to Queen Victoria’s time and is originally derived from a poem.

On my wedding day, I followed tradition with:
Something old–a pearl necklace–small, golden pearls– that belonged to my maternal great-grandmother
Something new–my veil/shoes/dress, any could have qualified!
Something borrowed–my underwear (no joke–don’t ask, but I had a last minute see-through-the-dress crisis and my friend Amy came to the rescue.  But fear not, the underwear, though borrowed, was brand new and straight out of the package!)
Something blue–a piece of the light blue satin ribbon that had originally been woven throughout my mom’s 1971 wedding dress.  She let me cut a piece of it and I had it sewn onto the inside bottom hem of my dress.  I am still sad that I forgot to have my photographer take a photo of this…I may dig it out of storage to photograph some day.

Past, present and future brides–what did you use/or do you plan to use for your “something blue”?