Sculpture by the Sea–Sydney, Australia

I love art. I love the ocean. Now put them together on a rocky coastal bluff and you create a fabulous place to contemplate creativity. I spent many years studying art and working in museums, where wall color, exhibition design, and frame arrangement can enhance an artwork. But some art thrives beyond the confines of a museum gallery. This week I had the pleasure of visiting Sculpture by the Sea, an annual environmental art exhibit held on Sydney’s coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach. Using various mediums, each work conversed beautifully with its location. I fought my way through crowds of tourists and squealing school groups, but it didn’t stop the enjoyment of seeing these creative pieces at play in the fierce wind, pounding sea, blowing sand, and harsh shadows. I could write a book about how thought provoking some pieces were (especially Lucy Humphrey’s Horizon), but I’ll let the art speak for itself. Run–don’t walk–to this exhibit if you are in the Sydney area- it closes in a few days!

a to b, Francesca Mataraga

(L) Look at Me, Rebecca Rose (R) Tamarama Beach from above

Red Center, Carl Billingsley

Red Center, Carl Billingsley

Flow, Alison McDonald

Flow, Alison McDonald

A Tale of Romance, Kathy Holowko

Horizon, Lucy Humphrey

Bubble no:5, Qian Sihua

Coral, Coral Collective

Inclusion, Greer Taylor

(L) Start, Richard Tipping (R) Let Your Palm Do the Walking, Tom Blake