Mimi and Henry–Central Park–New York, NY

When Henry and Mimi met me at the firehouse on 83rd street for our foggy morning shoot, I knew we were in for some fun.  Maybe it’s because I’m the youngest of four, but I love working with siblings. They bring great energy to a shoot as they broadcast their quirky (but always loving!) relationships.  Within the first 5 minutes, Mimi and Henry busted into a thumb war to break the photographic ice (see below) and things just got better from there, as evidenced by their “tebowing” in Central Park.

And don’t get me started on their outfits.  Maybe I came close with my stirrup pants and sambas in 2nd grade, but I wish I had been that stylish and cool when I was their age.  From shoes to blazers, they were a perfect example of what to wear to a shoot–a mix of casual, comfy, and fun with coordinating colors that were not too matchy matchy.  We had a great morning as the fog burned off to reveal some gorgeous fall color in Central Park.  We wandered into The Ramble and used this amazing stone archway as a backdrop, and also found some beautiful spots on the Oak Bridge  and adjacent boulders as we sought out places where pastoral meets urban.  Thanks to their dad’s help, this adventurous twosome also scaled a fence and carefully climbed down to a hidden boulder for the sake of a cool photo!

Mimi and Henry, thanks for a great morning–I hope the pancakes that we promised for those wonderful smiles were as delicious as we claimed they would be…see you in the neighborhood!