M-O-M–New York, NY

M–O–M=Master of Mania? Mom of Minis? Major of Minions? Hah, if only I could come up with a definition of a Mom; but really, it’s all encompassing and can’t be described, though this awesome/hilarious You Tube video on the World’s Toughest Job certainly comes close! If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve got to take a peek.

Last year, I wrote about how the big and the small moments matter. So do the “good” and the “bad”. The other night, my daughter lay face down on our hallway rug, shirtless and hysterically sobbing. She was in the midst of an epic meltdown–the world was ending because it was time for bed and I had the nerve to try to brush her teeth, change her sopping diaper, and put on her pajamas. Through my seething frustration, I took a deep breath and thought to myself “God Bless my Mother”…mostly because I see so much of myself in my daughter–her desire to be independent, to stay up late, to negotiate all details of her life, to not miss out on anything fun. And because my mom smiles knowingly at my recent frustrations and shares that I used to be the exact same way! Lucky her. I always knew that being a mom was tough; but until I became a mother three years ago, I really had NO idea the kind of selfless love and unending patience that my mom has given to my three siblings and me for over thirty years. I’m definitely in awe–so thank you, even though thank you is not enough.


To my Little C,

Frustrating evenings and exhausting days aside, this new chapter in my life is humbling and challenging but also rewarding. I’m sure I’ll miss these little battles when you get older and need me less–when you might go to your room and want your privacy, instead of asking me to read “just three more books” or to sleep “just two more minutes” snuggled next to you. I savor those quiet moments in the dark when you clutch my face with both hands and say “mommy, you are my besssst friend.” Or when you get off the elevator at school, spot me in the crowd, and run toward me with wild abandon repeatedly shouting “mommy! mommy!” before planting a huge hug on me. There may even be future moments where I miss you wanting to sit ON my lap as I try to edit photos and send work emails (very effective for work productivity). But I’m still touched by how much you just want to BE with me. Hopefully I’ve got a few more years to soak it all up before the days arrive when you are embarrassed to be seen with me! Your heart melting moments of sweetness do trump your infuriating moments of defiance. And seeing the world through your enthusiastic eyes is truly wonderful.


So on this Hallmark holiday, I want to say thanks to my mom for being the best ever, and to my daughter, for giving me the gift of being a mom.

Moms- what has been your biggest challenge as a mom?
Kids–Is there anything you’d like to say to your mom?
Share it here in the comments!! 

Bottom photos by Clare at Your Life Through A Lens Photography