Ice Ice Baby–Hudson River, New York, NY

Holy radio silence! Sorry. We moved back from Australia 4 weeks ago (I really miss it, but more on that to come), and yet I feel like we just arrived home. From spending the holidays at 5 houses in 4 days, to being godmothered (that’s a word!) in Boston one weekend and hosting a fabulous baby shower in New Jersey the next, it’s been a whirlwind.  A COLD winter whirlwind.

Unpacked suitcases and boxes from Australia still line our narrow hallway–full of summer clothing, sand, souvenirs, and flip-flops. Thousands of unedited photos from our travels scream for my attention. And did I mention that we haven’t had any gas in our building since we returned home? This means chaos…no laundry and lots of take-out. Oh. My. Lord. I need to appear on an HGTV show for either getting organized or for hoarding…do I need that many bathing suits? mismatched socks? should I keep every memento from our time abroad? where can I jam these beloved dog-eared travel books?

Anyway, sorry for the blog neglect–I’m finally back and have been working on lots of fun content which will be coming your way soon! In the meantime, here are some photos from a cold snowy morning stroll…our local Polar Vortex, a term I wish did not exist in my vocabulary.

Hudson River at 79th Street. New York, NY, 2014. Brrrrrr.